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Resolutions. Renewal. January. Fresh start.

We all have great intentions at the beginning of the year. It’s a clean slate. An opportunity to make changes.

How do we think about setting resolutions for the new year – 2018 – as a family? When you have small children, they may not even yet understand the concept of a new calendar year. However, you can undoubtedly involve them in family goal-setting.

Feeling inspired to make some changes? Think about setting small goals and resolutions. It doesn’t have to be rocket science or lofty ideals that will just leave you feeling let-down about your efforts. Resolve to spend quality time together – doing things that won’t break the bank!

One enjoyable way to get your kids involved is to create a Bucket List for the year. Maybe this is something you keep a hardcopy list where everyone can see it. Or, could be saved digitally as a note in a phone.

Family Bucket List

Start with one idea or activity per month that you could do as a family and add it to your bucket list. It may help to come up with a couple of activities for each month, and then you decide which one you can make happen as the time comes. If monthly seems too overwhelming for your family consider adding a few ideas to each season. This family bucket list could be as elaborate or as minimal as you wish.

For instance, even running through the sprinklers, cooling off at the splash pad at Bayshore Town Center, or baking cookies could be listed. Writing down what you want to spend time doing each month will alleviate the “I don’t know what we all should do until nap time” rut that we can get stuck in. When you have a plan in place, you are more likely to make it happen.

Alright, so you’ve created your monthly or seasonal bucket list. Now for Part II.

If you’re an overachiever and get into creating meaningful, simple change think about creating some family goals to work on in 2018. This could be ways you’re going to volunteer together as a family or practice gratitude.

Consider local volunteer opportunities such as Toddlers and Kids on a Mission (TOAM). Check out all the incredible family-friendly volunteer opportunities through TOAM.

Another way to get young children involved is by cleaning out toys and donating them before each birthday or holiday. You might look at making it a family goal to organize toys and donate them. Depending on the ages of your children this could help instill a value of sharing with others. (Or it could be a complete disaster ending in tears!)

It’s not too late! Jot down family bucket list items and keep adding as the year goes on. Schedule time to make the bucket list happen. And, move things to another month if life gets too hectic! This isn’t set in stone. It’s meant to be a fun exercise to keep your family having fun all year long.

At the end of the year, you can look back at your list and reminisce about all the fun things you did. Creating lasting memories with our children makes the small things add up to the big things in life.

Enjoy creating your bucket list and Happy New Year!

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