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Choosing a nanny or babysitter can be one of the most challenging things you do as a parent. You’re trusting someone else with your child’s care.

We’re fortunate to have Olive. You. Nanny. right here in Milwaukee as a resource for families to find quality childcare providers for both short-term and long-term positions.

Nanny Guide 101: What to Consider when Hiring a Nanny or Babysitter

Recently, we chatted with Christine Clark – owner of Olive. You. Nanny. in Milwaukee. Christine offered us great insight into finding a nanny. Here’s what she had to say…

What should a family consider when using a nanny service?

When using a nanny service, a family should consider where the nanny agency is located. Only a local nanny agency can thoroughly screen candidates the most effective, safe, and meaningful way.

The family should also confirm that the nanny service meets families in their homes, and meets nannies face to face. Unfortunately, many nanny services do not do this.

To secure a successful match, both of these pieces should be in place.  

What are the benefits or advantages of using a nanny service?

The benefits of using a local nanny service are countless.

For starters, the family can breathe easy, as the nanny service will take care of everything. This makes the nanny search seamless and stress-free for the family. The family is only meeting high-quality candidates that meet their exact needs. So for the family, they are choosing the nanny that they gel best with personality-wise.

The nanny agency will have already interviewed the candidate, called all references and past employers, and have matched that family with the nanny to interview based on their personalities, needs, and family values.  

Another benefit is that a nanny service like Olive. You. Nanny. is run by education professionals and former and current nannies that have worked with children and families.

A local agency, like Olive. You. Nanny. is also very involved with the local community both with nannies and families. This helps to recruit and retain high-quality nannies.

Olive. You. Nanny. in particular, also provides support to the family and nanny throughout the entire time the family employs the nanny. We are always here to answer questions and provide support.  

Can you help us decide if having a nanny will be right for our family (vs. a traditional daycare center, in-home daycare, etc.)?

Absolutely! All families have different needs. For some, daycare may be the best choice, and for some having a nanny is the best.

I have worked in multiple settings; childcare centers, as a professional nanny, and as a kindergarten teacher. I can speak to the benefits of all childcare options and am more than happy to discuss those options with potential clients.  

Can you help us with specific questions to ask a prospective nanny?

Olive. You. Nanny. provides each family that we work with a Family Information Packet at our consultation. The packet includes practical interview questions to ask a nanny. Finding out how the nanny structures the day, what they know about developmental milestones and behavior management, as well as what drew them to a career of a nanny are important things to ask.  

Do you also place short-term or “date-night” babysitters?

Yes, we do! Olive. You. Nanny. places occasional sitters that families can call on for date nights, weekends, and last minute needs. We also place summer nannies and temporary nannies.  

Anything else to think about?

One topic families often consider when deciding to hire a nanny versus childcare is socialization for their child/children. Having a local space, like Little Sprouts is an excellent place for nannies to meet and introduce their nanny kids to socialization throughout the day.

At Little Sprouts, with the guidance of the nanny, children learn essential skills like sharing, cooperation, and how to be a good friend. Local parks, museums, and library story times are also great for this. Olive. You. Nanny. has arranged “nanny playdates” at Little Sprouts in the past and will continue to do so in the future!

Whether you’re currently looking to hire a nanny or may need one in the future, pin this article for future reference.

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You can find more information about Olive. You. Nanny. on their website.

Wishing you all the best in your nanny search!

A special thanks to Christine Clark of Olive. You. Nanny. for her collaboration on this article.

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