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New babies, as tiny as they may be, cause a significant change in the lives of new parents. All of a sudden even basic functions such as showering or making dinner become more challenging!

Thoughtful Ways to Support New Parents

What are some of the most thoughtful ways you can support new parents?


Food is always welcome.


And, it doesn’t have to be a pan of homemade lasagna!

One of the most thoughtful things one of my friends did was when we were in the hospital with our firstborn is that she went grocery shopping and brought over some basics – pasta and jarred pasta sauce, bagged salad, burgers and buns, etc. She left it all in our fridge, and when we got home, we had food waiting for us. That was one of the best and most thoughtful gifts we received.

Bringing a meal ready to pop in the oven is amazing, but equally as thoughtful and helpful is grabbing some fresh (already cut up) fruit, a salad mix, and lunch meat and buns for a quick grab and go lunch or dinner.

Fast, easy to clean up, and can be eaten while feeding a baby. 🙂

Offer your services

When visiting a friend with a new baby offer to help do something – wash the dishes in the sink, hold the baby while mom showers, make coffee, tidy up toys, etc.

Most new parents will decline your offer, but try to insist that you just want to do only one thing to help while you’re there.

If the family has other older children can you take them outside to play for a short time while mom rests? (Help mom with her self-care.)

Unique clothes and baby toys

If you’re looking for a unique and thoughtful new baby gift to bring we absolutely love the items at BlackBear Boutique.

Locally owned by Emma Carollo, BlackBear Boutique offers one-of-a-kind clothing and baby accessories.

Here’s what Emma had to say about BlackBear Boutique:

“We specialize in unisex baby gifts. I love to pick colors and styles that are not screaming boy or girl, and I steer away from the typical pastel color palette with whimsical baby-like prints. We try to offer unique pieces that really stand out in terms of style and quality while supporting small, unique designers. Most of the pieces you would want to wear yourself, now as an adult!

About half of our merchandise is designed and made in the US and the other half is outside of the US, mainly Europe. We focus on carrying products that are ethically produced using natural quality materials, have clean designs and ultimately are comfortable for your kids.

These items make perfect gifts for new parents. Emma shared some of her favorites with us.

Both outfits below are high quality, 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton, super soft and will last long enough to pass down to your next child or give to a friend to keep the love going!

Olen Organic Zoo Print Bundle

Goat-Milk Union Suit

Add a handmade organic maple wood teether or animal rattle, and you’ve got a cute and thoughtful gift.

BlackBear rattle












BlackBear Boutique is located in Shorewood, and there are ways to shop in-person and pick up items locally rather than shipping. Contact Emma directly for further details!

And, finally, if the new parent is local we encourage you to enter them to win…

Coffee Delivery from Little Sprouts Play Cafe!

Little Sprouts Play Cafe proudly sponsors and offers a unique giveaway option for coffee delivery to new moms. And what new mom (or seasoned mom!) wouldn’t love that!?

Check out the Little Sprouts Play Cafe Facebook page for more details about how to enter.

It takes a village. We must show up and be that village for one another.

We hope you feel inspired to support new parents with these thoughtful ideas.

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