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What’s better than a cozy night at home having a picnic on the floor while watching your favorite family movie? Movie nights are just the beginning!

Spending nights at home as a family can be fun and exciting. Trying new things as a family creates memories that kids and adults alike will cherish.


Enjoying a Family Fun Night at Home

Ideas for enjoying a family fun night at home:

Put together puzzles

Set up a tent or fort

Make a family dinner together

Grab carry out food that you don’t usually get

Dress up in costumes

Play board games like Candy Land or matching games

Read books you don’t usually read

Work on an art or craft project together (Ideas for inspiration here, here, here.)

Watch a favorite show or movie (indoors or outdoors!)

Turn on music and have a dance party

Play hide and seek

Spending time together as a family has so many benefits.

Frequently rushing from one place to the next, trying to do allthethings can leave us craving time together as a family.

We love movie nights that families can enjoy together! We host a family movie night on the first Thursday of every month. The event is potluck-style. You are welcome to bring a dish to pass and join us for a pre-bedtime flick. Check out the details and join us!

What ideas do you have for spending a night at home together as a family? Share them with us on our Facebook page.

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