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Gifts, wrapping, parties, travel…

All. The. Things.

The hustle and bustle of the holidays can feel overwhelming and leave us longing for the fresh start of January. Rather than just trying to survive the holidays, let’s talk about ways to embrace the joy of the season.

Simplifying the holiday season with small children IS possible!

Ways to Simplify the Holidays With Kids

Ways to Simplify the Holidays With Kids

Choose a gift limit or theme.

Themes for gifts are always fun. For instance, perhaps you choose four gifts – something they want, need, wear, read.

Encourage family and friends to give experiences or donate to a cause selected by your child.

Ideas include a Little Sprouts Play Cafe membership or gift card, zoo or museum memberships. You could also encourage them to donate to a cause or give a gift that will be donated.

Set family intentions.

Think about what’s important to your family. Practice your family traditions or make new ones. The intentions don’t have to be complicated – the simpler, the better.

Visit free holiday experiences in your area.

Check out MiltownMoms.com and MKEMomsBlog.com for great lists of family-friendly holiday activities in the Milwaukee-area.

Create your holiday bucket list.

Include easy and free ideas like play in the snow, bake cookies, view holiday lights/decorations around your neighborhood or town, make paper snowflakes. (You know we love a good bucket list!)

Participate in volunteer activities that help others.

Check out Toddlers and Kids on a Mission – TOAM – for opportunities to serve others this holiday season.

Enjoy the season

Keep the holidays simple. Make room for what matters and don’t feel obligated to attend every single invite you receive. Leave space in your schedule for impromptu snow angel making and hot chocolate drinking. Come January you’ll be glad you did.

Wishing you and yours a joyous (and simple) holiday season!

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