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Brrr…winter is HERE.

It’s dark at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. The days are shorter than they’ve ever been, but feel longer than ever – amiright? The shortest day of the year is nearly here.

We’ve rounded up some crafts and activities to enjoy with your kids during these cold, dark days of winter.

Winter Crafts & Activities

Winter Solstice Outdoor Ice Ornaments

These icy ornaments are ideal to adorn your outdoor trees. As the sun shines and the days might warm up you’ll see them melt to reveal the unique nature items frozen inside.

Snow Paint

Playing out in the snow building snowmen, making snow angels, and scooting around in a sled are all enjoyable! But your kids will delight in coloring the snow with snow paint!

Natural Bird Feeders

We love talking about animals and how they live during different seasons. Your little ones will love making these natural bird feeders and then watching the birds visit out the window.

Sparkly Snowflake Craft

Make these sparkly snowflakes and hang them in your windows for some extra pizzazz during this dark time of year.

No-Mess Winter Sensory Bag

Yep, really – no mess! 🙂 Kids will love making these sensory bags and squishing around the objects inside.

Snowman Paper Plate Masks

These snowman masks are super easy to make, mess-free, and voila provide an instant puppet show! Toddlers and preschoolers love playing make-believe and will enjoy “becoming” snowpeople!

Cheers to winter!

We hope these ideas inspire you to enjoy the snow and cold days with your little ones. Follow Little Sprouts Play Cafe on Pinterest for more crafts and activities.

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